KBI 310652 Could Not Test Rule/Relator Using Newly Installed Daughter Engine


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Friday, 6 Sep 2013


Customer may not be able to test a Rule or test a Relator using a newly installed Argent Daughter Engine

Technical Background

Argent AT use the SQL table ARGSOFT_{PRODUCT}_DAUGHTER to store information for the installed Daughter Engines

The Argent AT Mother Engine updates this table only after it has been contacted by a Daughter Engine

For a just-installed Daughter Engine, or if the Mother Engine has been down, the entry may not be added to the table yet

As a result, testing a Rule or testing a Relator using the just-installed Daughter Engine may result in an error message

Could not find the motor ‘xxxx’

This is not an issue — simply wait for a few minutes before testing with this Daughter Engine


The Daughter Engine may be installed with Daughter Alias. However, it has no effect on the behavior