KBI 310654 Enabling SQL Bulk Insert May Cause Reports Or Dashboards To Display All Zero Values


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Monday, 9 Sep 2013


Enabling SQL Bulk Insert may cause reports in Argent Reports such as the Performance Statistics report, Performance Top X reports or Dashboards in Argent Commander to display all zero values

Technical Background

The exact area affected is the ARGSOFT_{PRODUCT}_PRD_MOTHER table

This table holds the following relevant fields:

  • LASTVAL (Last Value)
  • AVERVAL (Average Value)
  • MAXVAL (Maximum Value)
  • MINVAL (Minimum Value)
  • TOT_COUNT (Total count of data points gathered)

When SQL Bulk Insert is enabled, the ARGSOFT_{PRODUCT}_PRD_MOTHER table may not be updated properly and the values are all set to 0


Argent is currently researching a suitable solution to this issue

Customers who rely on the Top X reports in Argent Commander, or Performance Statistics reports in Argent Reports that use the “Last Value” may want to disable the SQL Bulk Insert feature until a solution is advised by Argent. After disabling SQL Bulk Insert, subsequent data collection will repopulate the relevant fields as per normal