KBI 310728 Index Was Outside The Bounds Of The Array In Argent For SQL Server


Argent Advanced Technology 1310 and below


Friday, 1 Nov 2013


Argent for SQL Server could not retrieve the version of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 because of an exception thrown by the SQL Server Management Object (SMO) component

Technical Background

Argent for SQL Server uses SQL Server Management Object (SMO) for connecting and retrieving Microsoft SQL Server information

Before executing a Rule, Argent checks the version and edition of Microsoft SQL Server to make sure that the version of SQL Server is compatible to the Rule to be executed

Unfortunately one Microsoft product fails to check for the presence of another Microsoft product and SMO blithely assumes that the SQL Server Management Studio is installed

When connecting to the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 machine, if the SQL Server Management Studio is not installed SMO fails

In this case, SMO raises an exception ‘Index was outside the bounds of the array‘ and hence Argent is not able to collect the required information


Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Studio on the machine where Argent for SQL Server is installed

You can download Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Studio from the following link,

Follow the step by step instructions below to install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Studio,

Step 1: Accept License Agreement

Step 2: Update The Product Updates

Step 3: Download Progress

Step 4: Select Management Tools

Step 5: Click Next

Step 6: Installation Progress

Step 7: Click On The Close Button To Finish Installation