KBI 310727 Excessive Disk Space Used By Argent AT After Migration From Argent XT


Argent for Exchange All versions


Wednesday, 30 Oct 2013


Ballooning Argent AT Database

Customer installs Argent for Exchange with default settings

After few weeks, Argent Database size grows drastically

Technical Background

Open Disk Usage by Top Tables Report on SQL Server

Look for table name ‘ARGSOFT_EX_TRACKLOG‘, most likely having the highest Data size

Sample shown below:


Truncate table ‘ARGSOFT_EX_TRACKLOG‘ in Argent Database

Shrink Argent Database with ‘Reorganize files before releasing unused space‘ selected

Under Nodes Properties in Argent for Exchange, the default value for Message Tracking Log – Enabled Log Archiving is ‘True

Select ‘False‘ to disable the feature as shown below:

This will ensure no Message Tracking Logs are being archived in future