KBI 310750 User Privileges Required To Execute Argent for Oracle Rules


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013


Only customers with specific privileges can successfully execute Rules under Argent for Oracle

Technical Background

Following are the details of privileges required for each Rule in Argent for Oracle:

Rule Name Privileges Table Name
Activity Rule Select v$sql_plan
Available Process Percentage Rule Select v_$process, v_$parameter
Backup Crashed Rule Select dba_data_files, v$backup
Backup Rule Select V_$BACKUP_SET,
Bad File Count Rule Select V_$CONTROLFILE
Blocked Session Rule Select v_$lock, v_$session
Buffer Cache Usage Rule Select v_$sysstat
Buffer Nowait Ratio rule Select v_$system_event, v_$sysstat
Busy Server Rule Select v_$pq_sysstat
Control File Count Rule Select V_$CONTROLFILE
Database Mode Rule Select v_$database
Database Offline Rule Select v_$datafile
Dictionary Cache Usage Rule Select v_$rowcache
Excessive CPU Rule Select v_$sqlarea
Excessive Execution Time Rule Select v$sqlarea
Excessive Query Parse Time Rule Select v_$sysstat
Extents Percentage Rule Select dba_tablespaces
Library Cache Usage Rule Select v_$librarycache
Log File Size Rule Select v_$log,v_$logfile
Logon Trigger Status Rule Select dba_triggers
Long Session Usage Rule Select v_$session, v$statname
Longest Blocked Session Rule Select v_$lock, v_$session
Memory Usage rule Select v_$sesstat, v_$statname
Object Name Rule Select dba_objects
Oracle Data File Free Space Rule Select dba_data_files
Oracle Data File Rule Select dba_data_files
Oracle Logon Rule Connect To for the specified user
Oracle Query Rule Select All tables (Depends on query given)
Owner Count Rule Select dba_objects
Parallel Processing Rule Select v_$sysstat
Parse CPU Usage Rule Select v_$sysstat
Partition Table Rule Select dba_tab_partitions
Physical Reads Rule Select v_$sysstat
Process Count Rule Select v_$process
Recursive CPU Usage Rule Select v_$sysstat
Redo Nowait Ratio Rule Select v_$sysstat
Sequence Rule Select DBA_SEQUENCES
Session Count Rule Select v_$session
Soft Parse Ratio Rule Select v_$sysstat
Sort To Disk Ratio Rule Select v_$sysstat
System Global Area DB Buffer Rule Select v_$sga
System Global Area Redo Buffer Rule Select v_$sga
System Global Area Variable Rule Select v_$sga
Table Count Rule Select dba_tables
Table Space Offline Rule Select dba_tablespaces
Temporary Table Space Free Space Rule Select dba_temp_files
Temporary Table Space Rule Select dba_temp_files
Undo Table Space Free Space Rule Select dba_free_space, dba_data_files
Undo Table Space Rule Select v$version