KBI 310879 Relators Alert Repeatedly Failed To Connect To Server Due To Misconfigured CMDB-X Network Groups


Argent Guardian Ultra – all versions


Monday, 3 Mar 2014


In network segments with firewalls between devices, situation may arise where misconfigured CMDB-X will cause Relators to execute on a remote monitoring engine instead of preferred Trusted Agent

Technical Background

Relators are configured to use {Dynamic} monitoring engine in Monitoring Group List under What to Run (Rules) tab at the bottom of Relator Definition

Relators firing alerts such as:

Failed to connect to server XYZ at port 3389

Telnet manually from Argent AT server to server XYZ on port 3389 works

Outbound network connection to server XYZ is configured properly

What this means is another Argent Monitoring Engine has processed the Relator and failed to connect on port 3389


To correct the issue, proper configuration of Argent Monitoring Engines is required

  1. Create Network Groups in CMDB-X to match the number of Trusted Agents
  2. If there are 4 logical network segments (eg. 2 x DMZ, 1 x remote site and 1 x production), then 4 network groups are required in CMDB-X

  3. Assign servers and devices to the relevant Network Group in CMDB-X
  4. Right-click one or several nodes in CMDB-X and select Assign Network Group

  5. Bind preferred Trusted Agent to each Network Group
  6. In CMDB-X, double-click each Network Group and select preferred Trusted Agent from pull-down menu

    Once each Network Group has the preferred Trusted Agent set, Relators will be processed using the local Trusted Agent for that group