KBI 310883 Many Late, Skipped And Cancelled Tasks When Turbo Mode Is Turned On In Argent for VMware


Argent for VMware all versions


Tuesday, 11 Mar 2014


When Turbo Mode is turned on in Argent for VMware, Relators should use fixed start time instead of dynamic scheduling to avoid costly connections to vCenter

If customer attempts to put a Relator into production, he may see following prompt:

Technical Background

It is necessary to turn on Turbo Mode in order to monitor a large VMware environment

The most expensive operation in VMware monitoring is the connection to vCenter

When Turbo Mode is turned on in Argent for VMware, Argent AT Engine downloads VMware performance data as a bulk and saves in local cache

When Engine runs a VMware Rule, Argent AT Engine checks local cache first and uses cached data if it is still up-to-date

Customer may find Argent for VMware performance is still poor or even worse when he turns on Argent for VMware

The typical symptom is the large amount of late, skipped and cancelled tasks

Customer should check the scheduling of production Relators

If a Relator contains many VMware objects and uses dynamic scheduling, object monitoring are spread across Relator interval

If interval is long, it may end up with cache data is obsolete always

As a result, connection to vCenter has to be made to download performance data again

It can cause deteriorated system performance


Upgrade to Argent for VMware 3.1A-1401-T3 or later

For customer who cannot upgrade immediately, he can configure Relator schedule manually