KBI 310915 Cannot Find Where To Load Performance Objects From A Specific Trusted Agent-AT Different from XT


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Friday, 11 Apr 2014


This KBI describes how to load Performance Objects from a specific Trusted Agent when configuring Performance Rules

The way Argent AT positions this feature is different from Argent XT

Technical Background

When loading the list of Performance Objects, customer may want to load objects that only exist on a certain machine

The ‘Reload List of Objects From‘ option serves this purpose, to load Performance Object lists from a remote machine

However, if the remote machine is behind a firewall, or in a different network segment, customer will need to deploy a Trusted Agent (or Daughter Engine) behind the firewall, which serves as an access point between the Main Engine and the remote network

Argent provides a feature to specify such a Trusted Agent to act as the medium for loading the list of Performance Objects


  1. Check the box ‘Show Advanced Options
  2. This will cause the ‘Use Trusted Agent‘ option to appear – select the correct Trusted Agent

  3. Click on ‘Reload List Of Objects From‘, and the remote machine name to reload the list from