KBI 310943 Argent Motor Registry Not Synchronized


Argent Advanced Technology 1404-A and earlier


Thursday, 22 May 2014


Argent Non-Stop Motors have a unique and automated facility that synchronizes critical configuration settings from the single central {Product}_CONFIGURATION database tables, to the local registry of each Argent Motor

This KBI describes an error situation where the Registry Keys for other Argent Motors are not updated with new values

This can generate an inconsistent configuration for the Argent Motors

Technical Background

The issue may only affect the Argent Console product

When Argent Console is initially promoted from a Main Engine to a Non-Stop Motor, the table ARGSOFT_AAC_CONFIGURATION is supposed to be populated based on the local Registry Keys from the Main Engine

However, a few Critical Registry Keys may not be present in the table, resulting in values not being synchronized across all Motors

Critical Registry Keys which may not be updated:



Local Registry Path:



First Method (Recommended):

Change the value in the Argent Motor GUI using the right-click option “Advanced Motor Configuration

This involves two steps:

  1. First set the specific Key Name value to a dummy value

    Example: “ODBC_TXT_IN_KB” = 1,234

  2. Next change back to the new value

    This will ensure the value is inserted into the Argent Console Configuration Table automatically

    Example: “ODBC_TXT_IN_KB” = 8,392

Second Method:

Manually insert the value into Argent Console Configuration Table


This solution need to be done ONCE only after promoting to Argent Motor

All Argent products re-read their registry every 60 seconds, so there is no need to stop and start the Argent Motor Services