KBI 310942 SQL Backend Database … Has Been Offline For More Than 3 Minutes


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Argent AT services stop randomly, causing any of Argent AT products to stop monitoring

Technical Background

Microsoft’s SQL Server is designed to take hold as much memory as possible

This ill-conceived approach often causes needless issues for other applications running on the same server

In some cases this prevents the Argent Guardian from accessing the SQL Server database unreachable for 3 minutes

Argent has no option but to shut down

In such instances Argent Guardian Service Log File (Argent_Guardian_Ultra_SVC_LOG.txt) holds the following error message:

***** WARNING ***** 

(Generated by ODBCResHandle.cpp (RODBCHANDLE::HandleODBCLinkErr) at line 812:) DAL is about to shut down as the SQL backend database (SQL SERVER, ARGENT) has been offline for more than 3 minutes. (Called from InitSvc.cpp - 1494.) 

(Microsoft Error Code = SQL Server does not exist or access denied. 

ConnectionOpen (Connect()).. 

State:08001,Native:17,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory] 

State:01000,Native:231,Origin:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][Shared Memory]

Generally the above error message is followed by a service shutdown message such as:

About to shutdown service as requested by DAL due to SQL backend issues


Tune SQL Server by either removing this SQL Server option (see below), or adding more physical RAM to the server, or both

Ensure SQL Client Protocol on the server is changed to TCP/IP and is NOT Shared Memory