KBI 310960 Trusted Agent Installed On Windows Server 2012 With UAC Enabled Fails To Execute Relators


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Tuesday, 10 June 2014


An Argent Guardian Ultra (AT) Trusted Agent installed on a Windows Server 2012 with UAC enabled fails to execute any Relator

Technical Background

Trusted Agent is connected successfully to Main Engine but the following symptoms are present:

The Scheduled Monitoring Tasks show no Relator Trace Log for Relators run on the Trusted Agent indicating the Relators have never run to completion

Testing Relator using Trusted Agent results in no result, hangs at “Initializing…

Trusted Agent WO (Work Orders) are not processing, the WR files accumulate, indicating the Relators were never processed


No resolution is currently available; disabling UAC as a resolution is currently not confirmed