KBI 311122 Log Message Could Not Replicate Enterprise Application View From Motor XXXX The Network Name Cannot Be Found In Log Every 30 To 60 Seconds


Argent Advanced Technology All Versions


Tuesday, 25 Nov 2014


When Argent AT is configured as Argent Non-Stop Monitor, Argent Console service might periodically generate warning log message ‘Could not replicate Enterprise Application View from Motor xxxx (The network path was not found)‘ in Service log

It can be caused by two possibilities:

  1. Argent AT service may not have access to the Argent Console share at the other Motor

    The share UNC path is \\{motor}\ArgentConsole

  2. Argent Enterprise Application View definition XML file is deleted externally


If the file is missing, customer can copy in the default ARGENT_ENTERPRISE_APPLICATIONS.XML from setup package

If it is the permission issue of UNC path, customer should correct it in Windows Security properties

Technical Background

Argent Enterprise Application Views are defined in ARGENT_ENTERPRISE_APPLICATIONS.XML under Argent Console home directory

In Argent Non-Stop Monitor environment, each Motor maintains its own set of such files

In Argent Non-Stop Monitor environment, Argent Console Motors synchronize the file by copying the latest file to its own home directory every 30 to 60 seconds