KBI 311125 Argent for Exchange Connecting To Remote Server Failed With The Following Error Message: Access Is Denied


Argent AT All versions


Monday, 8 Dec 2014


Argent for Exchange sending out Alert about connecting to remote server failed with Access is denied error

This error occurs when Argent tries to connect to an Exchange 2010 Server remotely using PowerShell

A sample of the error is shown below:

Connecting to remote server failed with the following error message:

Access is denied

For more information, see the About_Remote_Troubleshooting

Technical Background

When running an Argent Exchange 2010 PowerShell Rule remotely against a target Exchange server, Exchange PowerShell, by default, will try to connect to the CAS server first, then the Mailbox server

Exchange Management Shell should start up on the Argent Monitoring Server with no error or failure

Otherwise Argent for Exchange will throw an access denied error and generate E-mail Alerts


  1. Ensure there is no error when establishing Exchange PowerShell connection from the Argent Monitoring Server to the target Exchange 2010 servers