KBI 311126 Option To Restart Jobs n Times Based On The Exit Code Of Jobs


Argent Job Scheduler all versions


Monday, 8 Dec 2014


Argent Job Scheduler provides an option to retry Job execution, for a specified number of time, at a specified interval, based on the exit code of Jobs

Technical Background

Jobs may fail due to the following reasons

  • Temporary unavailability of Servers
  • Database Server is too busy to connect
  • Temporary Network Outage/Congestion

Most of these situations are common and have definite return error codes

Job execution fails due to such situations can be resolved upon retry

To handle this, Argent Job Scheduler provides an option to retry the Job ‘n’ times in a specified interval of time

This option must be set for all exit code conditions wherever a restart for the Job is needed

For example, if for exit code 3, and the Job needs to be restarted 5 times in every 2 minutes, set the option as follows in J45 screen

‘Restart Job In’ 2 Minutes 5 Times

‘If Exit Code Of Job Process’ Equal 3