KBI 311130 Argent for SQL Server Access To Database Using SMO Libraries-*** NOT ACCESSIBLE ***


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Wednesday, 17 Dec 2014


When setting up a Relator to monitor Transaction Log Size in Argent for SQL Server using SQL 2008 Transaction Log Size Rules, the Relator Test fails with the following error messages:

Access to ‘<database>’ using SMO libraries Tue Dec 16 08:17:31.301 – ***NOT ACCESSIBLE***

‘< servername >’ ‘< user credential >’ Error Message: ‘User does not have permission to run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE for database’

See: Argent AT Min Prerequisites (Section: Argent for SQL Server)


Technical Background

Argent for SQL Server SQL Transaction Log Rules need access to run DBCC UPDATEUSAGE command, despite it does not make changes to the target database or transaction logs

According to the following MSDN article, Argent Service account needs either sysadmin role on the SQL Server, or db_owner fixed database role for each database it is monitoring




Give the Argent Services User Account sysadmin role on each SQL Server it is monitoring, or give db_owner role for each database Argent is monitoring