KBI 311139 It Is Normal For 50 To 75 Work Order WO Files To Be Present


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Monday, 22 Dec 2014


Argent AT uses folder PENDING_EVENTS to hold the Work Order files for either firing Events or saving Argent Predictor data

The Work Order file name extension is EWO

Ideally the folder should be empty which means Work Order files are processed promptly

In real world, the file count in the folder can fluctuate depending on the system load

It is considered normal if the file count constantly stays less than 50 and oldest EWO file is less than 10 minutes old

It will be a major concern if the file count jumps above 100 or the oldest EWO file is more than 15 minutes old

When this happens, customer can debug by watching the PENDING_EVENTS folder

EWO files are processed in the order of File Time

  1. If the oldest EWO file just won’t go away, Argent Console Engine is down

    If it is down, start the service and watch the EWO files being processed

  2. EWO files are processed, but more files come in than ones are processed

    It is a SQL performance issue

    Customer should serious consider either turning on SQL Bulk Insert or adding Motor to distribute the load

If Argent Console Engine is down for a long time without notice, EWO files will be accumulated

A customer has reported more than one million EWO files stuck in the folder after one-week offline Argent Console Engine

The quickest way to get system back to normal after starting up Argent Console Engine is to move all old EWO files out of PENDING_EVENTS folder

Though customer may not care about the old Events happened days ago, he still want to keep the Argent Predictor data collected during the down period

To do so, he can dump the EWO files into OLD_PENDING_EVENTS folder, and Argent AT Engine will take time processing them without compromising the system performance

Technical Background