KBI 311162 Many Files In UPLOAD Folder


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Friday, 30 Jan 2015


After a Main Engine outage, many (about 100,000 or more) files are found in the UPLOAD folder

UPLOAD folder path:


Technical Background

Argent AT uses files for communication between Daughter Engines and the Main Engine

Argent AT Daughter Engines periodically upload .DAT files containing Alert information, Performance Data and Daughter Engine Statistics to the Main Engine

When the Main Engine is not reachable by the Daughter Engine, the .DAT files get accumulated on the Daughter Engine’s ‘UPLOAD’ folder, this can be quite significant depending on the outage period

When the Main Engine is back online, and the Daughter Engines can resume uploading the files, the Main Engine may be swamped with large amounts of .DAT files to be processed


On the Daughter Engine & Main Engine:

  1. Rename ‘UPLOAD’ folder to ‘UPLOAD.OLD’
  2. A new ‘UPLOAD’ folder will be created
  3. Optional : Gradually copy files with the ‘PRD_DATA_*’ suffix from the ‘UPLOAD.OLD’ folder into the ‘UPLOAD’ folder to process unsaved Argent Predictor Data

Summary of File Types in the ‘UPLOAD’ folder :

PRD_DATA_*.DAT Argent Predictor Data
AT_SYS_*.DAT Argent AT System Information Data
TASK_STAT_*.DAT Argent AT Tasks Statistics