KBI 311165 Menu Item Select F7 Might Not Work For Some Websites


Argent Defender all versions


Wednesday, 18 Feb 2015


When recording a web session, a menu item ‘Select (F7)’ is selected or F7 key is pressed on the web page

The cursor changes to cross; then the cursor is moved to the element and the element is clicked; the element is enclosed in red rectangle, and a popup dialog box is displayed for further action

However the above approach may not work on websites with complex client side scripting

On these websites when the mouse is moved, the cursor reverts immediately to a pointer

When the field is clicked, nothing happen and menu item ‘Select (F7)’ is dimmed and is no longer available

To correctly record the session with complex client side scripting, the first step is to set focus to the element by either clicking on the input field or by using the tab key to move focus to the field; then press F7 key, and click on the element

The dialog box will now appear

Technical Background

The problematic web pages have complicated client side scripting

The script captures Mouse Events and runs the correspondent logic

If customer uses menu item ‘Select (F7)’ or presses F7 key, and moves the mouse to the element, the client side script interferes and overrides the Recorder Engine