KBI 311166 Raw Input Keywords Are Required For Some Web Pages


Argent Defender all versions


Wednesday, 18 Feb 2015


When recording a web session, the menu item ‘select’ (or F7) can be used to select an element

When dialog box ‘Work on Selected Visual Element’ appears text for the input field can be entered , or a click can be performed on the button-like element

However, for some web pages, especially login screen with heavy security-related scripting, the normal DHTML method may not work

Instead, it is necessary to select the ‘Raw Mouse Event’ or ‘Raw Keyboard Event’

The generated scripts will look like following:

(Raw Input)

PlayInputObject “TextBox”, “name:search”, “”, “”, 44, 8, “SNMP”

PlayMouseObject “ImageClick”, “href:http{0x3a}//help.argent.com/IMAGES/INTERFACE/button_search.gif”, “”, “”, 16, 16


TextBox ( “”, “search” ) = “SNMP”

ImageClick “tag:IMG; href:http{0x3a}//help.argent.com/IMAGES/INTERFACE/button_search.gif”, “”, 8

Technical Background

When DHTML method is used, the Argent Defender Engine directly set HTML element attribute to enter text, or to call click method to do mouse click

Depending on how the web page is composed, the DHTML method might bypass some logic programmed in client side script

As a result, the recorded script will not work correctly

For example, the TextBox statement won’t enter text into user or password field

When raw input keywords are used, the Argent Defender Engine simulates the input by generating Windows keyboard and Mouse Events, which are inserted into browser’s message queue

The browser then translates the Events into correspondent HTML Events

DHTML method is far more efficient than the raw input and as such is recommended as first choice

Use raw input only if DHTML method does not work