KBI 311167 How To Install Argent Job Scheduler Client


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Friday, 20 Feb 2015


The article describes how to install Argent Job Scheduler client

Technical Background

Before installing Argent Job Scheduler client, please make sure the following prerequisites are met

  1. Registry permission

    Registry read and connect permission to Argent Job Scheduler installed Virtual Machine

  2. Database Permission

    Connect, Select, Execute, Insert, Update and Delete

  3. Should have network shared path access to Argent Job Scheduler machine
  4. Should have Remote Procedure Call(RPC) Access and remote access to Argent Job Scheduler machine service control manager


Follow these easy steps to install the Argent Job Scheduler client program

Step 1:

Run SETUP.EXE from Windows Explorer or from the Start Menu


Step 2:

Click ‘Next’ button on the Welcome screen

Step 3:

Accept the license agreement and click ‘Next’ button

Step 4:

Default summary information for Current Account, Current Domain, Current Node and Node to be installed on is displayed

If customers want to install the Argent Job Scheduler on a Node other than the currently displayed local Node, enter the Node name and click the Install Program On Node button

Click ‘Next’ button

Step 5:

Select the radio option ‘Install client programs only’ and the check box ‘Argent Job Scheduler’

Click ‘Next’ button

Step 6:

Input Directory: The directory where SETUP will locate the Argent Job Scheduler files to install

By default, this is the current directory from which SETUP is running

Output Directory: The directory to which the Argent Job Scheduler client will be installed

By default, this is a directory named “\ARGENT\SCHEDULINGENGINE\”

Scheduler Server Name: The name of the server where the Argent Job Scheduler service runs

Click ‘Finish’ button

Step 7:

If Argent Job Scheduler service is installed in the main server with SQL backend, a window pops up to specify the Data Source

Create an ODBC to connect to the same database used by the Argent Job Scheduler service in the main server

Select the Data Source and click ‘OK’ button

Argent Job Scheduler client installation starts and a message box is displayed on successful completion

If you need assistance, please contact Argent Instant Help by simply clicking the light yellow Instant Help Chat button below