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Thursday, 26 Feb 2015


Even after migration to Argent Advanced Technology residue of Argent Extended Technology (superseded product) might exists in customer environment sending out expiry of license email messages

This utility is to wipe out Argent Extended Technology product completely from a server

The article describes how to run Argent Extended Technology De-Install Tool

Technical Background

The purpose of this ‘Argent XT Removal Tool’ is to remove the services, files, folders and registry keys of Agent Extended Technology installation from servers specified in ‘INPUT.TXT’

To Download Argent Extended Technology De-Install Tool

Download Argent Extended Technology De-Install Tool


  • To run the ‘ABG786_XT_Deinstaller’, a domain user in administrative group of the target machine is required
  • In case of removing the installation from the remote machine, please make sure that both computers are running the Remote Registry Service

How To Configure ‘INPUT.TXT’ file

DEBUG_LEVEL Specify the debug level LOW, INTERNALS
SERVER_NAME Specify the server name, from which ‘Agent Extended Technology’ installation is to be removed
USER_NAME Domain User
PASSWORD Encrypted password

See the section “Encrypting Logon Password” on how to create encrypted password

[DEBUG_LEVEL] [&lt&lt&lt DEBUG_LEVEL &gt&gt&gt]
[SERVER_NAME] [&lt&lt&lt SERVER_NAME &gt&gt&gt]
[USER_NAME] [&lt&lt&lt USER_NAME &gt&gt&gt]
[PASSWORD] [&lt&lt&lt PASSWORD &gt&gt&gt]


[SERVER_NAME] [Server1]
[PASSWORD] [{\235\193\254\230\244\227\160\163\162\176}]
[SERVER_NAME] [Server2]
[PASSWORD] [{\135\173\146\138\152\143\204\207\206}]

Note: Sample CMD files are included in the Zip of Argent Extended Technology De-Install Tool

Encrypting Logon Password

Step 1: Verify the executable path in ‘$ENCRYPT_PASSWORD.CMD’

Step 2: Edit ‘$ENCRYPT_PASSWORD.CMD’ and specify the domain user logon password

ARGSOFT_ABG786_XT_DEINSTALLER.EXE /PASSWORD=&lt&ltPassword to encrypt&gt&gt




‘ENCODED_PASSWORD.TXT’ file is generated on successful encryption

Step 4 : Copy the content of the ‘ENCODED_PASSWORD.TXT’ file to ‘[PASSWORD]’ field value in ‘INPUT.TXT’

How To Run Argsoft_ABG786_XT_Deinstaller

Step 1: Update ‘INPUT.TXT’ with server details

Note: Argsoft_ABG786_XT_Deinstaller.exe aborts if the server name or ‘INPUT.TXT’ is missing

Step 2: Verify the executable path in ‘$RUN_ME.CMD’

Step 3: Run ‘$RUN_ME.CMD’ with administrative privilege

Step 4: Verify Argent Extended Technology product’s registry entries, services and files are removed successfully from the target machines specified