KBI 311179 Single Navigate Statement To Check Web Site Up Or Down Does Not Work For Windows 2012


Argent Defender all versions


Monday, 23 March 2015


It is common for Argent Defender users to use single ‘Navigate’ statement combined with checking page error codes to determine a website is up or down

For example, following setup checks if website help.argent.com is available

This configuration works well until Windows 2008 R2

In Windows 2012, the page code cannot be detected, and web session script always returns successfully

As a result, the down website won’t be alerted

Technical Background

The issue is caused by changes in Windows OS

Argent Defender relies on DLL inject to determine the returned code of WININET APIs

The technique is disabled in Windows 2012

Argent is working on the issue to find an alternative method


Customer can use keyword ‘TestStringExist’ to determine if the web page is loaded properly, then fire Alert accordingly