KBI 311180 Efficiently Monitoring Web Sites And Intranets Using Argent Guardian Ultra And Argent Defender


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


When a website encounters issues, it can be one of following situations:

  1. Web server is offline, so everything is down
  2. Web server is running, but web service is not running; cannot connect to http/https port
  3. Web server and web service are running, but website is not fully up; the web session in Argent Defender will fail

The Argent Defender runs each web session in a separate Internet Explorer process

This is the best approach, but is also the most expensive approach in terms of system resources

In contrast, the System Down Rule that uses ping and port connectivity tests is very light on resources

The drawback of the System Down Rule is that, without running web session, it is difficult to verify that website is fully functioning; Argent Defender perfectly mimics a real human user, but the System Down Rule is just a hardware connection test

Based on the above, website and intranet monitoring can be constructed in following way:

  1. Use Argent Guardian Ultra’s System Down Rule to do high frequency ping and http/https port connectivity check on web server, for example, once every minute
  2. Use Argent Defender to run web session once every ten minutes to verify the web integrity
  3. Recheck and auto correction should be configured for both Argent Guardian Ultra Relator and Argent Defender Test
  4. Always use option ‘Ping Web Server And Do Not Run Sessions If It Is Inaccessible’ in the Argent Defender Test so that customer won’t be notified twice when the web server is down

As a result, customer can be notified within one minute for scenario 1 and 2, and within 10 minutes for scenario 3

Considering scenario 1 and 2 are much more common cases, Argent AT can monitor the website efficiently

Technical Background