KBI 311184 Argent Guardian Ultra Stops Monitoring When Time Zone Option Dynamic Read From Server Is Used And Time Server Property Is Empty


Argent Guardian Ultra all versions


Wednesday, 25 March 2015


When customer set CMDB-X Nodes using time zone option ‘Dynamic Read From Server’, Argent Guardian Ultra can stop monitoring

Inspecting Service Log, customer can see following line about once every five minutes:

Failed to see checkpoint Event of daughter process ‘…’. Restart the process

The Engine service keeps recycling and does not have chance scheduling any monitoring tasks

The issue is caused by the long delay in querying time zone information from remote servers

Technical Background

When time zone option ‘Dynamic Read From Server’ is used, if Time Server property is empty, the time zone information will be queried from the server/device directly

If the service/devices are all reside in remote network, or the Node is not a Windows machine at all, the long network latency can be expected

As a result, it can take more than 5 minutes to initialize internal data structure, which causes the checkpoint error

Argent Guardian Ultra service recycles repetitively and no monitoring tasks will be executed


Customer should select one or two servers in each time zone as shared time servers

For CMDB-X Node using time zone option ‘Dynamic Read From Server’, specify the Time Server using one of the selected time servers in the time zone

Argent AT Engine caches time zone query results internally

As a result, each time server will only be queried once and result will be used for all CMDB-X Nodes sharing the same time server

As a result, the Argent AT Engine can initialize and start up properly