KBI 311223 UNIX/Linux Script Rule Randomly Failed With Message Failed To Run Command PLINK.. On 64-bit Windows Server


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Tuesday, 2 June 2015


UNIX/Linux Script Rule might fail randomly on 64-bit Windows server

By checking Relator trace log, message ‘Failed to run command PLINK….’ can be seen repeatedly

If typing ‘PLINK.exe’ within command prompt, the command will run successfully

If doing a disk search for PLINK.exe , the executable is found under SYSTEM32 directory

Technical Background

Argent AT can run UNIX/Linux Script Rule using 32-bit or 64-bit Monitoring Engine process

In 32-bit environment, the SYSTEM32 directory is actually \Windows\SYSWOW64, and the real SYSTEM32 cannot be seen

If PLINK.EXE is installed under SYSTEM32 folder, 32-bit Monitoring Engine process cannot find PLINK.exe in PATH

As a result, UNIX/Linux Script Rule will fail

However, the 64-bit Monitoring Engine process can run PLINK.exe successfully

That’s why the Rule fails randomly


Customer can move PLINK.EXE from SYSTEM32 folder to WINDOWS folder to correct the issue