KBI 311225 Can Argent Send An Email Every Hour To An Outside Address?


Argent for Exchange All Versions


Wednesday, 3 June 2015


With email still heavily used as part of daily client and staff communication, it is no wonder we want to know if our emails are reaching the outside world

Obviously manually sending from your works MAPI/Exchange Server to your favorite hosted service provider (Hotmail, Gmail etc.) and checking is possible, but is there a better way

YES – Argent for Exchange provides two end-to-end mail flow Rules specifically for this

  1. Instant Best Practices &gt End-to-End User Experience Rules &gt Mail Flow Test Rules
  2. Exchange 2003/2000/5.5 Legacy Rules &gt MAPI Round Trip Test Rules

Technical Background

Mail Flow Test Rules

MAPI Round Trip Test Rules

Note: The “To: Recipient” mailbox must have an auto forward/reply back to the Argent User MAPI Inbox where the email originated from