KBI 311230 Argent Console Event Can Be Fired Again After It Has Been Put Into Maintenance Mode And Automatically Resolved


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Friday, 5 June 2015


Argent Console Event can be put into Maintenance Mode to avoid further notification for a certain period of time

However, if the Event is automatically resolved and the same condition happens again before maintenance period expires, the Event will be fired again

The behavior is by design

If an Event put into Maintenance Mode is answered manually or automatically resolved by Engine, the Event status changes to answered or resolved

It is no longer in Maintenance Mode

When the condition happens again, there is no pending Event of same condition

As a result, a new Event is fired for the same condition

The design is what most people expect

For example, customer gets the Alert about the low free space of a SQL Server

He contacts the database team and is informed that a server is undergoing software upgrading, and disk space usage will increase significantly during the process

The upgrade process is scheduled for next 4 hours

Customer put the Event into maintenance mode for 4 hours so that the Alert stops

After 3 hours, database team calls and informs him that upgrading has completed and monitoring can resume

The maintenance period has not expired yet

Customer goes to Argent Console and answers the Event

From that point, disk space should be monitored normally

To summarize, answering or resolving an Event removes the maintenance mode for the Event

Technical Background