KBI 311291 Not All Assigned Memory And Processors Reported In Argent Advanced Technology


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Monday, 28 September 2015


Argent may not report all memory or processors assigned to Virtual or Physical server

This is NOT an Argent AT issue

Technical Background

System administrators may assign more memory or processors than a server operating system can access

Microsoft does not support unlimited memory, processor sockets and processor cores for all versions of Windows Server

Argent can only monitor and report on Memory or CPU’s that the operating system can access

You may view the usable CPUs and memory through Task Manager within the operating system

To access Task Manager:

Right Click on the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen

Select ‘Start Task Manager’

You will then see Task Manager

Choose tab for ‘Performance’


Apply the correct license to the server for the amount memory and number of Processors

Microsoft Windows 2008 Licensing Guide


Microsoft Windows 2012 Licensing Guide