KBI 311290 All Argent AT Tables Are Strictly READ ONLY


Argent AT – All Versions


Monday, 28 September 2015


Customers are welcome to read the Argent Advanced Technology (AT) tables – we encourage customers to do so

However, customers cannot write to the tables as their integrity is protected by a proprietary CRC

A number of interfaces are provided to safely add entries to the Argent Console table

Technical Background

Currently Argent provides the following ways to interact with the Argent AT database tables:

Argent AT Command-Line Tools


Support for Insert, Update, Delete and verification of device/server Nodes for:

  • CMDB-X
  • Monitoring Groups
  • License Manager

KBI 311254 Argent for Compliance Cleanup CLI Tool


Argent AT XML Request Files


Support for posting Events to the Argent Console

Note: Currently there is no support for answering or resolving Argent Console Events via a CLI Tool or the XML Request File

Instead use “Enable Auto-Answering By Email” and/or “Enable Auto-Answering By SMS” options located from the Argent Console on the Email (A3B) and SMS (A3D) tabs respectively

See: How Can I Answer Events Or Suspend Nodes Via Email?


However the Argent Console does support synchronization with TIVOLI and Remedy Servers

How Can I Integrate With Tivoli?