KBI 311289 Argent Commander Will Not Display Content Under CMDB-X, Value Mappings And ViewMagic Tabs If There Are Monitoring Groups In A SuperConsole Named Default


Argent Commander – All Versions


Thursday, 24 September 2015


Customers may find the content under ‘CMDB-X’, ‘Value Mappings’ and ‘ViewMagic’ tabs in Argent Commander does not display if they have a SuperConsole named ‘Default’ and this has Monitoring Groups in it

Technical Background

Monitoring Groups is one of the four building blocks of all Argent products and they allow you to create a group of servers to run Rules on

If a customer creates a SuperConsole called ‘Default’ and places a Monitoring Group within the ‘Default’ SuperConsole, the SQL database translates the SuperConsole name ‘Default’ to NULL

This causes issues with Argent Commander’s web code as it is not expecting to find a SuperConsole’s name as a programmatic NULL

As a result, the content under CMDB-X, Value Mappings and ViewMagic tabs is not displayed


Ensure all Monitoring Groups are placed within a named SuperConsole, not ‘Default’

Code will be added in 3.0A-1510 to circumvent this Microsoft bug