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Thursday, 17 March 2016


The article describes how to set Argent Product Security Configuration

Technical Background

Allow a normal user (non-Argent Administration) to set a Maintenance Schedule on selected server/device Nodes and Export Master Control Information or Export Maintenance Schedule Only, but deny all other access from the Argent AT GUI

In the following example the user ARGSOFTTEST\ARGENT is the Argent System Administrator and user ARGSOFTTEST\tempadm is a member of the Security Group ‘IT Staff’

    1. Argent Product Security Configuration Settings

    To make the Argent Product Security the most secure, make the Argent Product Security Configuration – Default Policy: Denied, this is the default from initial install

    The default General Security Settings can be left as is, as they do not affect server/device Node security

    2. License Manager – Security Settings

    To allow general access to the License Manager add an Active Directory Security Group to Security Settings with Full Access

    Make sure these changes are made using an Argent System Administrator (seen from the Product Security Configuration – System Administrator)

    3. Supervising Engine – Security Settings

    To allow access to the Export Master Control Information function from the Supervising Engine, add an Active Directory Security Group to Security Settings with Read Only (access)

    4. CMDB-X – Security Settings

    To allow server/device Node access from the License Manager on a per Node basis, select the Node and apply Security Settings with Full Access

    Note: The user will not be able to alter any CMDB-X Node (add, delete or edit) as it is Read-Only without Product Security Configuration settings option Manage CMDB-X Database populated with an Active Directory Security Group

    Resultant Access for User ARGSOFTTEST\tempadm

    Once the settings are applied login to the Argent Server with Non-Argent System Administrator and navigate to License Manager and confirm access

    Navigate to the Supervising Engine and confirm access and Export Maintenance Schedule Information Only and Export Master Control Information work as expected

    Confirm by navigating to other components and Nodes that they show “You do not have the rights to view…” or “Access Denied”


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