KBI 311377 Cannot Send Email Alert Using SMTP Server That Support TLS/SSL Only


Argent Advanced Technology 3.1A-1601-C or earlier


Monday, 18 April 2016


Argent AT only supports traditional SMTP server using plain text authentication

Nowadays, there are more and more SMTP servers implement TLS/SSL for encryption

Gmail is the most popular example

Argent AT cannot use smtp.gmail.com to send email messages

While Argent is working on the enhancement to support such SMTP servers directly, there is a workaround by using SMTP relay server, which is a Windows feature that can be installed

  1. Install SMTP relay server

    It can be done using Server Manager

    Select the feature and follow the wizard

  2. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager 6

  3. In IIS 6 Manager right-click on SMTP Server and select Properties:

  4. In the General tab, unless you want the SMTP Server to use a specific IP address, leave the settings as they are so that the IP address is set to (All Unassigned):

  5. Click on ‘Access’ tab, and use anonymous for Authentication

  6. Configure Connection and Relay restriction properly

    For example, it can be configured so that only Argent AT Engine can relay e-mail through this SMTP relay server

  7. Take default values in tabs ‘Messages’, ‘LDAP Routing’ and ‘Security’
  8. Click on ‘Delivery’ tab, and configure for Gmail in Outbound Security

    Besides the correct Gmail account (xxxx@gmail.com) and password, make sure TLS encryption is enabled

  9. Specify TCP port for Gmail SMTP server as 587 in Outbound Connections

  10. Specify smtp.gmail.com as Smart Host in Advanced Delivery

  11. Next, logon to myaccount.google.com to turn on option ‘Allow less secure apps’

  12. With SMTP relay server configured, Argent AT can use it just like normal SMTP server

Technical Background



Use the workaround described above for now. Argent will provide direct support in near future