KBI 311399 Sudden Failure When Moving To New Machine May Be By vMotion


Argent Job Scheduler – All Versions


Tuesday, 24 May 2016


When moving to a new machine, the new machine may have a smaller desktop heap size

The desktop heap is a crucial but little understood aspect of all Windows machines, from the smallest laptop to the largest server

The Windows desktop heap is – let’s be polite – not one of Microsoft’s crowning glories; it is small, bitter, and exceptionally fragile

But it controls all processes performance

In a recent case, a customer’s host server failed in the early morning

The failure caused all virtual servers to be migrated – in this case by vMotion – over to a new host

This move caused many default Microsoft registry settings to change including desktop heap size

Although all servers were back up and running, the change caused a known Microsoft issue with Windows desktop heap to occur resulting in Jobs failing to start

Technical Background

See also https://help.argent.com/#kbi_220069