KBI 311410 Argent Defender Script Editor Failed To Start With Error Failed To Initialize ARGSOFT_COMMON_DLL.DLL


Argent Advanced Technology all versions


Friday, 10 June 2016


Customer can record, edit and test Argent Defender scripts on Trusted Agent using Argent Defender Script Editor (CYCLOPS_SCRIPT_EDITOR.EXE)

It could fail with error message ‘Failed to initialize ARGSOFT_COMMON_DLL.DLL’

It has been reported when Argent Defender Trusted Agent is installed on the same machine as Argent AT Daughter Engine

It is caused by a wrong value in registry


The correct value for Argent Defender Trusted Agent should be 1

When the value is 0, Argent Defender Script Editor will fail to start with the error message

Argent development team is still investigating the sequence how the registry value is wrongly set

When it is blocked by firewall, the script editor fails to start

Technical Background

When the registry value is 0, Argent Defender Script Editor tries to access the Main Engine registry


Edit registry value of HKLM\Software\Argent\ARGENT_DEFENDER\SERVER_IS_REMOTE to 1