KBI 311429 Configuring Alert For Prerequisite Rules


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Monday, 4 July 2016


This article explains how to configure Alert for Prerequisite Rules

Technical Background

Configuring Alert for Prerequisite Rules can avoid firing alerts in the Main Rule

This way Alert of the prerequisite can be send to a different level of recipients

For example, in case of Argent for SQL Server, system administrators can get a server down email alert from the Prerequisite Rule if the server goes down and database administrators can get email alerts related to statistics of database when the server is up and running

The steps for doing that are explained below

Step 1 :

Create an Email Recipient Macro to configure the required Email IDs to which you want send the Email Alerts

Step 2:

Create an Email Notification Alert and specify the above-mentioned Email Recipient Macro, email subject, message etc. as shown in the figure below

Step 3:

Create an Alert Macro and specify the Email Notification Alert as shown below

Now go to the Relator and configure the Prerequisite Rule

Configure the SQL Server Logon Rule as Prerequisite Rule

If the Prerequisite Rule fails, email Alerts are send to the email IDs specified in the Email Recipient Macro

Following screenshots shows the configuration of Prerequisite Rule and email Alert escalation

Step 4:

Adding Prerequisite Rule

Step 5:

Select the Alert To Fire