KBI 311465 Customizing CMDB-X Fields For Reporting Tools Like Tableau


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Argent’s open CMDB-X allows customers to easily integrate data with third-party reporting tools, like Tableau

This KBI discusses how Argent’s CMDB-X provides flexible open-text fields that customers can use for any purpose they wish

Technical Background

When adding a new server or device, the CMDB-X shows the usual suspects that an inventory system for servers and devices would expect:

  • Server or Device Name
  • Type of Device
  • IP Address
  • Etc.

However, the CMDB-X contains many more properties when the properties of the server are brought up (Right Click -> Properties)

Most of the empty, open-text fields in the ‘Windows Machine’ section, and all the open-text fields in the ‘Contact’ section, for example, could be used for whatever purpose the customer wishes

For example, one customer in the United States uses the ‘Description’ field to hold the lease expiration dates on their servers and devices

Another customer uses the ‘Point of Contact’ to hold serial numbers

The values are saved in a flat database table in Argent AT’s database called ARGSOFT_AT_NODE

This table holds all of the CMDB-X Nodes (as rows) and properties (as individual columns)