KBI 311509 How To Install Argent Advanced Technology Trusted Agents On Windows Server Core 2016


Argent Advanced Technology – All versions


Friday, 13 January 2017


This KBI shows customers, how to deploy Argent Advanced Technology Trusted Agents on Windows Server Core 2016

Technical Background

For Windows Server Core deployments, Trusted Agents must be “pushed” out from the Argent Advanced Technology Main Engine

Pre-requisites For “Push” Install Of Trusted Agent

  • .NET Framework 4.x
  • The Main Engine is the TCP server listening on port 3209

    In Main Engine server allow incoming connections to TCP port 3209

  • Remote Registry should be enabled in Windows Server Core 2016
  • Service account of the Main Engine must have Read/Write access to Administrative shares (C$, D$ etc) of Windows Server Core 2016

To Install Trusted Agent In Windows Server Core 2016

  • Install Argent Advanced Technology suite as Main Engine
  • Go to Administration -> Engine Manager -> Trusted Agents leaf in the folder structure
  • Right click and select ‘New Trusted Agent’
  • The next dialog box will prompt for all relevant information needed for push installation
  • Specify name of Windows Server Core 2016 in the field ‘Machine Name’