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Wednesday, 11 October 2017


The Argent Server application directory <drive>:\Argent is using a lot of disk space, especially directory <drive>:\Argent\ArgentForCompliance\LOG_ARCHIVE

Technical Background

Argent for Compliance features a secondary Windows Security Log archive facility, data can be stored in either SQL or File, the “File Only” facility is enabled by default for each licensed server Node

The Events are compressed to file with 365 days retention of raw data

Even with the compression this can result in Gigabytes of file data

The “Node Properties” option “Save Raw Audit Data” determines what facility, if any (Do NOT Save) is set

The Argent for Compliance – Supervising Engine option “Raw Log Archive Folder” determines where to save the archived files

The “Day Limit For Keep Raw Log At File System” determines how long to keep the archived files

For more information see Argent Compliance White Papers

Event Log Archiving