KBI 311598 AWS Data Transfer Cost Can Be Reduced To Zero If Argent Advanced Technology Engine Is Deployed In AWS Cloud


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Tuesday, 19 December 2017


AWS data transfer costs are the costs associated with transferring data either with-in AWS between various AWS services like EC2 and S3 or AWS and the public internet

Data transfer costs for transferring data in the same region and within the same availability zone are zero if private IP addresses are used

When Argent Guardian Ultra monitors Windows performance counters, very significant data traffic can resulted

If not implemented properly, the costs can be added very quickly

Instead, Argent Guardian Ultra Engine should be deployed in AWS cloud with the same availability zone as monitored AWS EC2 instances

There are two scenarios

  • Argent Advanced Technology Main Engine is deployed in AWS cloud

    Make sure the Engine is in the same availability zone as AWS EC2 instances

  • Argent Advanced Technology Main Engine is in on-premises data center

    It is better to implement remote Trusted Engine or Daughter Engine in AWS cloud to limit the data transfer cost

Technical Background