KBI 311606 Automatically Correcting Low Disk Space Due To Excessive Logs In Database


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Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Collecting logs for compliance can often lead to a very large database size

Unless customer choose to do database roll over, database clean-up is inevitable

Argent for Compliance comes with CLI tool to purge compliance data

This article discusses how to automate the process

Technical Background

Automated purging on compliance data is NOT enabled by default due to criticality of data

Information about Argent for Compliance CLI Tool is available at


The idea is about automating the CLI Tool using scheduler

It can be a Relator running Argent System Command Rule, or a Job in Argent Job Scheduler, or even a Windows Scheduled Tasks

For the first-time clean-up, or changing on retention days, e.g. from 6 months to 3 months, it is highly recommended to manually complete a clean-up before automating it

A case study showed deletion on 80 million rows (about 80GB) took 2 days

Actual performance depends on database environment


  1. Create a CMD file with following lines

    It can be reused either manual clean up or automated

    Example: 185 days retention


    @ECHO ON


  2. Use any scheduler to execute the CMD file

    It is critical to factor-in timeout as deletion can take long time

    Automation Example Using Argent Guardian Ultra

    Argent System Command Rule

    A Relator using the above Rule, run every 8 hours