KBI 311658 Viewing Event Correlation Data For Argent Events


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Monday, 14 May 2018


In addition to triggering alerts on performance thresholds, Argent Guardian Ultra Performance Rules also provide the ability to save historical performance metric data when selecting the option for ‘Regardless Of Whether Above Rule Is Broken, Save Results To Argent Predictor’

When viewing an Argent Console Event triggered by the Performance Rule, the ‘Event Correlation’ tab can also be selected to view the historical data for the performance metric that exceeded the threshold

This provides the ability to immediately see if the exceeded threshold that triggered the Alert was a unique condition, or if the data shows the threshold being exceeded multiple times during the historical view

This is helpful in determining if the exceeded performance threshold was a temporary spike, or if the monitored server is consistently experiencing performance issues

This historical data can also be viewed in Argent Reports and Argent Commander views, but having the data immediately available on the ‘Event Correlation’ tab makes it easier for administrators to quickly correlate the relevant data with that specific Event using a single click on the same screen

Technical Background