KBI 311680 Argent Defender Ultra Runs Duplicate Session Replays


Argent Defender Ultra – All versions


Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Customers may complain about Argent Defender Ultra running duplicate session replays at times

Technical Background

Schedule to run the Session Replays is defined in the Schedule tab of the Session Replay screen

Argent Defender Ultra supports multiple Schedules for a Session Replay

When customers define multiple schedules for a Session Replay, there are chances that they get overlapped

For example, a customer may define a schedule to run every day at an interval of one hour and another schedule to run every Wednesday at an interval of 15 minutes as shown in the screenshot below

This causes the Session Replay to duplicate every hour on Wednesdays, simply because the schedules are overlapping


A workaround is to avoid overlapping while defining the schedule

In the above example, the first schedule for every day may be corrected to exclude Wednesday as the second schedule has a specific schedule defined for Wednesdays

Please see the screenshot below:

Argent is planning to bulletproof Argent Defender Ultra in later versions to skip the duplicate execution of Session Replays when schedules are wrongly configured to overlap