KBI 311742 High CPU Warning And Relators Not Scheduled As Expected


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Thursday, 21 March 2019


Argent for Compliance Service Log indicates a high CPU and Relators stop running as expected

Technical Background

The following was found in the Argent for Compliance – Service Log:

Paused spawning monitoring engine processes

Reason: CPU usage is high

Even after setting the CPU_USAGE_THROTTLE to 0 and MAX_ENGINE_CPU_USAGE to 0 the issue persists

Furthermore, the actual CPU usage on the server was low, less than 20%

After further examining the logs, it was discovered that there was a database error

The following lines were found in the Argent Service Log:

***** WARNING ***** (Generated by ODBCResHandle.cpp

(RODBCHANDLE::HandleODBCLinkErr) at line 793:) DAL will shut down if the SQL backend database (SQL SERVER, ARGENTSQL) is not back online in 1440 minutes.

(Called from ProcessArchive.cpp – 702)

ODBC backend(DSN:Driver={SQLServer};Server=OLDARGENTDB;

Database=Argent_Event_Logs;Trusted_Connection=yes)is not available

As shown above, one or more Rules were configured to store data in an invalid database this is the root cause of the issue

The high CPU warning is misleading


Update the Rules to save data to the correct database