KBI 311783 False Alerts Due To Monitoring Engine Option Being Set to {Dynamic}


Argent Advanced Technology – All versions


Monday, 21 October 2019


Intermittent Alerts were generated after the Monitoring Engine option was set to ‘{Dynamic}’

Relator Tests showed that the Rule was not broken

Technical Background

If the Monitoring Engine option is set to ‘{Dynamic}’ in the Relator, two situations may occur and generate false Alerts:

  1. If a default Monitoring Engine is specified in the Network Group settings, Argent will use that Engine

    See https://help.argent.com/#KBI_310879 for more information

  2. If there is not a default Monitoring Engine specified in the Network Group settings, Argent will randomly choose any available Monitoring Engine, including Daughter Engines and Trusted Agents, to execute the Relator


Ensure the Relator is set to use the appropriate Engine or Argent Non-Stop Motor instead of {Dynamic}