KBI 311841 Argent Sentinel Product Backup Command-Line Interface CLI


Argent Advanced Technology 5.1A-1907-A or above


Thursday, 18 June 2020


This article describes how to backup Argent Sentinel configurations using Argent CLI

Technical Background

Relevant reading: https://help.argent.com/knowledge-base/kbi-311493-argsoft-product-backup-cli/kbi-311493-argsoft-product-backup-cli/

Argent Sentinel Backup CLI Filename:   CYCLOPS_BACKUP.exe

Location                                                 Drive:\Argent\ArgentSentinel

Accepted Parameters

Parameters Description Mandatory
/ArgentAtlas Backup Argent Atlas (CMDB-X) specific data only No
/ArgentConsole Backup Argent Console specific data only No
/{product} Backup product specific data only No
/FOLDER= Destination folder to which backup file is to be copied Yes
{file name} Target backup file name, including path No

When no parameter is specified, the Argent backup CLI does not perform backup

Typical use of Argent Backup CLI is to specify /Folder parameter; for example:


C:\Argent\ArgentSentinel>CYCLOPS_BACKUP.exe /Folder=c:\temp

This will backup ALL Argent Sentinel, Argent Console, and Argent Atlas (CMDB-X) data

Example of Argent Backup CLI using custom filename:


C:\Argent\ArgentSentinel>CYCLOPS_BACKUP.exe c:\temp\Custom_Filename.CXP


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