KBI 311842 Documentation Of Microsoft SQL Database Versions


Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and above


Monday, 22 June 2020


Argent products can run on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and higher

Argent recommends SQL 2012 or above

Here are some of the features of and differences between Standard and Enterprise versions of Microsoft SQL Server 2016:

Item Enterprise Standard
Maximum SQL Server Database Engines OS Maximum (unlimited) 24 cores
Maximum memory for buffer pool OS Maximum (unlimited) 128 GB
Maximum database size 524 PB 524 PB
Database Mirroring FULL Full safety Only
Always On failover cluster instances Yes Yes
Availability groups Always On Basic
Automatic connection rerouting Yes No
Fast recovery Yes Yes
Accelerated database recovery Yes Yes
Mirrored backups Yes No
Hot add memory and CPU Yes No
Failover servers for disaster recovery Yes Yes
Failover servers for high availability Yes Yes
Cost 4x Standard Standard

Enterprise is the most robust version and has the best features

However, Enterprise is priced at approximately four times the cost of Standard

Standard has a limitation of 24 cores and 128GB of memory

Technical Background