KBI 311844 How To Monitor Daughter Engine With Mother Motors


Argent Advanced Technology – All versions


Tuesday, 30 June 2020


In Argent Non-Stop Monitor, a Monitoring Group can be associated with one of the following Monitoring Engines or individual Engines:

  • {Dynamic}
  • {Product Main Engine}
  • {Argent Motor}

The algorithm that determines where to monitor a machine in Monitoring Engine is designed as follows:

  • If ‘{Dynamic}’ is used, the ‘Preferred Trusted Agent’ is used to determine which Engine to use

    The ‘Preferred Trusted Agent’ can be defined and determined in the order of License Node Properties, CMDB-X Node Properties, Network Group

    If no such preferred Engine is defined, Mother Motor is used

  • If ‘{Product Main Engine}’ is used, Mother Motor is used
  • If ‘{Argent Motor}’ is used, use Preferred Trusted Agent to determine whether Motor or Daughter Engine should be used

    The Preferred Trusted Agent should be Motor/Daughter Engine itself, or belong to the Motor/Daughter Engine

Normally, Daughter Engine is configured as Preferred Trusted Agent to monitor ALL machines in Daughter Engine’s network

As a result, if ‘{Argent Motor}’ is used to monitor Daughter Engine, then Daughter Engine monitors itself

This makes sense in most cases as Mother Engine won’t be able to access Daughter Engine’s network

However, if Mother Engine does have full network access to Daughter Engine’s network, and user decides to use Mother Engine to monitor Daughter Engine, use ‘{Product Main Engine}’ instead of ‘{Argent Motor}’

Note: Daughter Engine site can also be configured as Argent Non-Stop Monitor

Keyword ‘{Argent Motor}’ is as designed

Technical Background



Use ‘{Product Main Engine}’ instead of ‘{Argent Motor}’