KBI 311845 Issue Addressed: HTML Auto Answer Email Link Omits Closing Parentheses


Argent Advanced Technology – All versions


Wednesday, 1 July 2020


User prefers using HTML Email Alert to compose auto-answering messages, especially since 5.1A-2001-A

HTML format is supported in all email types including SMTP, MAPI and Exchange Web Service

Typical usage is to put hyperlink like the following in the message:

To ANSWER this event, click this link:


When user copies the above text in Main GUI (NOT WUI), hyperlink is automatically created for protocol ‘mailto’

Unfortunately, HTML engine excludes the final parentheses from the hyperlink

As a result, when user clicks the link, the body text will be


Instead of


Though user can always add the final parentheses when composing the email message, this is inconvenient

To address the issue, user needs to manually edit the hyperlink

Technical Background

The issue is caused by the design behavior of MS HTML engine

Though it is inconvenient, it is correctable