KBI 311850 Argent for XenServer Host Machine CPU Usage Rule Returns 0 Value, Even Though Actual CPU Usage Value Is More Than 0


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Tuesday, 28 July 2020


When executing Host CPU usage Rules in Argent for XenServer, it returns 0 as shown below even though the actual usage is more than 0:


Server: ArgentXenServer.intra.loc

Test On: ArgentServer

Test By: argent

Local Time: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 08:58:05

UTC Time: Thu, 23 Jul 2020 06:58:05

Rule Result: Not Broken

(Perf. Var#1) \Host Performance(ArgentXenServer.intra.loc)\CPU Utilization (MHz) = 0

———————————- Trace ——————————————

08:58:01.213 Start testing server ArgentXenServer.intra.loc (Engine: 32-bit, Trace: Debug)

08:58:02.963 Total CPU Utilization of host ArgentXenServer.intra.loc is 0%

08:58:02.963 Total CPU Utilization(MHz) of host ArgentXenServer.intra.loc is 0 MHz

08:58:02.963 Please ensure you have set the ‘rrd_update_interval’ parameter in host ‘ArgentXenServer.intra.loc’

08:58:03.010 Rule ‘XS_HST_PERF_CPU_AT_LIMIT’ has been working properly

Technical Background

As specified in the Trace log, the user must set the rrd_update_interval parameter in the XenServer host machine

Argent for XenServer uses the host_metrics API to retrieve the XenServer host machine’s CPU usage statistics

This API uses legacy monitoring protocol and by default this API will not return a value for CPU usage

To revert to periodic statistical polling, set other-config:rrd_update_interval parameter on the host machine to one of the appropriate below value, and restart the host:

Never – This is the default, meaning NO periodic polling is performed

1 – Polling is performed every 5 seconds

2 – Polling is performed every minute

To enable the collection of CPU Utilization metrics, run the following command on the XenServer command prompt:

      xe host-param-set uuid= other-config:rrd_update_interval=2

Substitute your host UUID for

The xe host-list command can be used to find the UUID of the host

After executing the command, restart the system