KBI 311852 Issue Addressed: Could Not Monitor Daughter Engine By Mother Engine


Argent Advanced Technology – All Versions


Wednesday, 5 August 2020


Machines, including Daughter Engines, in a remote office are supposed to be monitored by Daughter Engines

This is because only a Daughter Engine has full network access to the remote office

However, there are some scenarios in which monitoring a Daughter Engine externally is required

For example, to monitor if Argent AT services are running on a Daughter Engine, it would make no sense to use the Daughter Engine to monitor itself

If the Daughter Engine were powered off, no monitoring would be done and no alerting would be fired

Typically, the Monitoring Engine setting “{Argent Motor}” is associated with the Monitoring Group in Relator

This means the machines in the Monitoring Group are monitored by a local Argent motor

In a network with a Mother Engine, they are monitored by the Mother Engine, while in a network with a Daughter Engine, they are monitored by the Daughter Engine, NOTthe Mother Engine

In order to force the use of the Mother Engine to do the monitoring, use the Monitoring Engine setting “{Product Main Engine}” instead

Technical Background



Use “{Product Main Engine}” instead of “{Argent Motor}”